Thursday Sept 8th Baltimore MD: Floristree

    Friday Sept 9th L.A.R.P event NYC rooftop in chelsea

    Saturday 10th Brookyln TBA

    Sunday 11th Pittsburg s @ The Shop. Dynamo Sound Collective presents. and  sam goldberg.

    Monday 12th Cleveland TBA

    Tuesday 13th Columbus Skyjob

    Weds 14th  Chicago @ the Ball Hall

    Thursday 15th Detroit Michigan Warehouse 1018



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    @Anonymous "Wow. I *just* realized you reissued the Carr/Kahl "Communication" LP. Was it mastered from a vinyl copy? Do you have any for sale? Anything! - talk to me about this record...


    -Lee B"

    Sorry, those are long gone!

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    Artist Statement: 2011

    AMERICAN TAPES will close shop after its 1000th release. It will be a big party, huge, in Michigan outside somewheres in the fall 2012. It will be the 1000th release. Now, entering the winter of the label; The 900s will be as promised:
    We have a lot of the above coming your way including a completely UNHEARD (as in mixed and recorded w/o hearing it and pressed w/o hearing it LP by VOM GRILL, Seattle Stan V’s HORRORS IN THE MUSEUM Rudimentary Peni’s cover band LIVE & RAGER, and LP of sounds of unseen MICHIGAN ANIMALS, new TECHNO, and others that will ??? and perplex you the inzane listener. I make an OATH to you that every 900th release with be NON NOSTALGIC, white knuckled it-could-fail-at-any-second EXPERIMENTS, CHALLENGES, and ODDITIES. No more magic or aggression, this is reality on a bumpy unknown ride in an unknown terrain, to an unknown destination. Join your INZANE CAPTAIN on a trip on a makeship homemade failing apart boat on a choppy frightening mystery sea of NON MUSICAL INZANITY. This is Bright and AWARE, not muted and confused.Starting with the below, which Ive been working very hard on & excited to play for you under the shadow of the 900th OATH:

    AM 901 THAMES “The Gift Of Money b/w The Night She Became Me” 7” Oh funky boy. I love my weirdo friends. Esp when they record SCRAMBLED non music to the soundtrack of they weirdo lives. Remember when you used to get a record, play it, stare at it for an hour, put it black on, repeat, and be blank brained cause it JUST DONT MAKE NO SENSE. Well, you inzaniacs, here’s another one. I mean Blake Hargreaves & Alex Moskos are some pretty strange dudes. I heard Alex got caught using actual live cats as stencils for graffiti in the catacomb walls of Montreal and Blake PRETENDED to work for the Canadian Senate for years to get access to a secret room in the capital of Ottawa that is used only to make a vile stew of illegal insect repellents & found river garage that they gave to the Canada postal workers to keep them from striking. As the story goes, in the darkest hours of the winter of 2009, the duo was sick with the flu from a long bout of STREAKING around the business district of Montreal, Alex & Blake took microwaved antifreeze and poured it over they primitive oscillators and filters, left them in a snow bank for two hours, stood facing separate corners in silence in the bright lights of their studio for another three hours, and then at 6:30 am: slammed a gallon of that sickly liquid inside those old wax lips from the 80’s (alex found a case in alley when stenciling cats for a mural biased on the Packers Super Bowl Loss from last year) and RUSHED to hold the Guinness world record for the most CUBIST song 7” ever recorded. Sheesh. No joke. I think they won but the judge thought the songs on this single were from a SEND IN YOUR LYRICS song contest they made for the failed robot boxers in the new Hugh Jackman boxing movie.  Between you and me, they won. They didn’t necessarily PRESS this record as they did unwillingly from a vision induced by YOGURT overdose at Bill Smith records from post dated expired DANNON marathon sessions at the plant. NOTHING IS RIGHT on this single. SOOO WEIRD. File under = Goofy Tombstone Pizza Dirt. The only record at played at the Olzone crib where tovah thought it was on CHOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE records. So abstracted stoked on this i will spell it STO PKOKED. This here, are my weird friends and they PEAK MY LANGUAGE. B & W covers, edition of 200, numbered and hand stamped. $7

    AM 902 STARE CASE “Bouquets for the Living” 2 cd  In the vein of the 900s oath, I bring you THE STARE CASE. Nathan Young on bass, electronics and vocals, Inzane Johnny on stereo electronics, maracas, and woodwinds playing post modern abstract blues. The “LOSE TODAY” LP on Destijl is finished and should hit the streets in Early Oct, just in time for the tour with Nautical Almanac. Here’s the skeletons from hazy long afternoon free jammin sessions at the BURNING LOG studios. Songs so slow you will think yr. Heart is beating at-09 rpm. Color covers, edition of 40. $12

    AM 903 HENRY AND HAZEL SLAUGHTER demo New PRIMITIVE TECHNO unit. Been touring all summer, minimal electronics and maracas over a repetitive primal pulse. LOUD. Unnerving supreme. LP soon. Playing Chicago & Hopefully kzoo in july. Mathematical slow burning memorizing chaos. Was around briefly as a LIVE FRYING now here’s the real deal. Numbered edition of  40, color covers. $6

    AM 904 FULL SCALES “Minor Moods For You”  tape Classic solo organ AT family in-house unit. Hammond organ & electronic minor moods mediations for you. Recorded under soft light in the afternoon sessions at DRIBBLING GOLD studios here in east lansing. Stretched out full sound rich in tonal clashings & inzane mixed up harmony. Weird. Color Covers Edition of 40.  $6

    AM 905 PARADOX 14 zine + cd  Oh funky boy. Been working hard on the SUMMER INZANITY PAINTING & COLOR DRAWING collection to hit the streets in mid july. Will be about roughly 40 + pieces for sale. In the meantime, here’s some b & w crawling chaos for you to dive into or dive from with audio accomp. for the ears and eye globes. Handsewn spines. Numbered edition of 40. $12

    AM 906 COMMUNITY ACTION “Color vrs Poison Arts” cd  Brand new in-house electronic abstraction unit. Spiraling patterns and burning circuits. Recorded in random and composed styles. All strange & homemade. Was a demo floating around in LIVE FRYING style but here’s the debut. Sliced and diced from direct DRIBBLING GOLD studio sessions all thru the spring and summer. Color covers, edition of 40. $6

    AM 907 SPYKES “Press, Pressure & No Air” 2cd  & tape & poster set. In house ATapes staple. Collection in the style of recent Stare Case “two moods” & Dead Machines sets. Acoustic, electric frying, inzanity all over the map. New & Old collections in mega abstract style. Color covers edition of 40. $17

    AM 908 S.W.M.C.C.C demo tape Aka SOUTHWEST MICHIGAN CULTURAL CLASH CENTER. Last seen live debut’s at Miles bday secret apartment party with Stoning, Raven Strain, and Evenings & DJ BOMBAT. Was a killer night. This new band is solo woodwinds (indian flute & quad reed, & bagpipe chanter) with composed live tape sounds. Classical avant style. Recorded in slow and low in the soft light of the Dribbling Gold studios with rich sound. Like a wind from a calm but unsettled land. Color slip case. Edition of 40. $6

    AM 909 Birth Refusal “For Cleo & Leroy” double cd  Big one here. Crazed new duo recordings from the Conn Artist and Inzane Zone pre boxing and post driveway bball afternoon east lansing sessions. Organ, electronics and reeds in a super strange weird style. Super well recorded and will def. freak out you. Who knows? Dedicated to our killer coaches and sado workout champs. Was floating around as a live frying set but this one diff and has a color cover edition of 40. $12.


    ameritapes AT

    prices postpaid in the US. E-mail for overseas quote. No need to E-mail to reserve.

    LAST COPIES: SPYKES “No One Writes To the Colonel” single LP edition. Handmade cover. Last few copies $12


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    N.P@O.C = BONELESS RATS “First two years” demo. WELCOME, to my new fave unit, the rats. Best thing to get in the mail, besides zines & velvets bootleggs, is demos. Esp. When they RAGE. HOLY MOLEY, this is seriously as good as it gets. Newish florida basement monster, skate themes, amazing cover, fuck: kill me now. Id play this for slam hooker & haunted dan & trick them goons by saying this is the new Culo tape, then tell em its the upgrade unit BONELESS RATS. So perf is this, it has my fave style, one side studio & one side live (that sounds like skullflower). Amazing. Chances of destroying michigan? .09%. Fuck. Read a review says they sound like DRI? No way hose. Prime skate basement damage. SOLD.

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    N.P@O.C = PROTA-ZKA “Vengeance bw I Do” 7”. Quite the cover huh? Weird local mich mutant wave prog via west bloomfield hills. One side Chicken, flip is Egg. Weird. Tons of synths & “whispers & bassics”. Basement tomfoolery supreme. Never seen another copy around the mich. Has. There ever been a NON weirdo creepy rec with Mannequins on BOTH sides? Bugged out! The whole world should be flooded with these crude artifacts…….gripped @ duh Street Corner in a weird local prog single (?) Pile. Huh?

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    N.P@O.C = LOU DONALDSON “Blues Walk” 7”. Blue note single with the alto master from his amazing lp of same name. One of the strongest alto player from the era with simple direct tunes & amazing on fire solos. Sounds ripping isolated on a 45; what a band, congas via ray b really move it along. LD plus 3 is the one from the zone, shit all of his are massive. Sharp & fast, like a sprinting stinging crocidile, super ace. My man! Gripped again @ street corner thick blue note 45 grip. So amazed I can always get classic bop @ that rad spot. RIGHT ON

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    N.P@O.C = 1981 “Decay” ep 7”. New finnish peace punk unit, super catchy & amazing. Missed out on the demo tape. Sung in english, not Cadgers style basement speed wasted bombast, but rad political punk. Can’t wait for more. On kamset levyt records, home to many a blaster. Killer fold out sleeve, brand new single. Wicked fresh.

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    N.P@O.C = WEREWOLF “Creation” 2lp. What a cover! Late period tame but ace fem vox homemade kraut prog double set. Ain’t gonna make yr ears turn cross eyed but nice basement atmosphere regardless. The kinda progressive that ain’t funna turn on anyone of make em toss they GLOOM eps into the trash but fuck it, still an ace set. Kool photos, extra tracks via Amber Soundroom first class affair, no complaints. Nice one, rural german style. Boosh.

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    N.P@O.C= MASAHIKO TOGASHI “The Face of Percussion” lp. Oh funky boy. This is one HEAVY HEAVY listenable lp. Solo handicapped percussion supreme, like SU PREME yo. Jammed this beast & it about stopped a players day, clean done did it. Whoa. You know how some solo drummers lp sound like, a dude playing drums by themselves, & others (like LIMBUS) are gateways into the most cosmic splatt of music itself. Oh funky boy, this one is so deep in the latter that it looks herzog is right there filming cave paintings. Whoa. Amazing tuned percussion solo monster. Wheelchaired togashi is one uber kool kat, hits that frozen bell of eternity so sullen & soul wrecking id make black rob add him to a verse of WHOA. Super sharp looking deal too, on the rare Paddle Wheel label, glossy card sleeve & OBI strip. Guess that makes this lp THE FULL PACK. Yikes this is off the deep end. Filed HARD in the private jazz section here in the olzone crib. Gripped @ my Streetcorner hometown fave store EVER when they got a small cache of jap jazz & rock oddities. WHEW, THANK YOU

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    N.P@O.C= GLOOM “What Do You Think Here?” Tape. Dang. Early tape from the MONSTERS. Kings of NOISE. ALL DAY. Not the jet engine & scream CHAOS of the later Recommendation era lps but as a primitive tape doc, amazing screaming scrambler. Side b is live & rules. From 91: drummer awesome allison b was the first to land a Gloom comp in the crews mits & for some reason it breezed right past a player. As always, I’m one slow goon & now prob one of my fave units EVER. Screw masonna, merzbow, incaps, that lot: in terms of out of the control rapid anti social mutant SCREEEEECH: its GLOOM time. Phew. Early doc, priceless. Gripped from the good mugs @ Hardcore Beaver. UGRY SOCIETY indeed! FRIED ALIVE!

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    N.P@O.C= LEBENDEN TOTEN “Near dark” tape. Been blasting this anxiety attacker tape ALL WEEK. They master monsterpiece put on killer tape from the Apparatus crew in Malaysia. All opus’es from mega units lps should have a cassette version, just rules & this format for Near Dark works perf. Primitive drums, plodding bass, static channel gtrs, & shrieking vox all = weirdo basement noise supreme. Killer album, oddly catchy, can’t explain how @ ALL. Recent hotshots in ACCEPT THE DARKNESS shiva zine & Frank does the dark & grim WARNING zine so my nugg is zine’d out from this static blaster. Long but not tedious. Also dig the new tour “cata noise” tape out too. Took me awhile to warm up to this out of the control unit, now I loves em. Michigan basements beckon you Toten, we says bring that noise. Blast us furnace style, wicked paniac attack chaos NOISE & ‘MESSAGE style…..yes!

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    N.P@O.C= SELF ABUSE demo. My fave POSITIVE NOISE song now morphed into my fave swede unit. Members of the mega ragers HERATYS, this could be SxE, maybe, but no worries eitherway cause this LOUD rager is a smoker supreme. Catchy jams, yelled vox, one jam sounds NAish but whole tape is a MONSTER. Hell yeah, distorted but still tuneful & uber pissed. Right the fuck on. Don’t care if they do anything else cause this tape is RAW. BUT, come destroy michigan FOR A MONTH straight. Killer demo, boosh

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    N.p@O.C= IKARUS st. Fantasy complex kraut supreme here. NOT the joking marvel US band of same name. Huge band woodwind & edgar poe quotin’ rich progressive got me mad stoked. Good songs & weird passages, perfetto for the german style. Man Second Battle be on top of some class reboots. Don’t look to this ninja for correct spellin but don’t to look Hamburg for “Scyscrapers” either. Heavy but in a quirky explorer style, no nut grinding here. Like Murphys Blend on buffy the vampire slayer. Only rec where the drummer is credited with “accidents”. RAD

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